Know what Tiger’s new goal is?

Can you guess? To be the best Daddy in the Universe? He has a newborn son, and an almost two-year old daughter. First of all, I currently hold that title, “Best Daddy in the Universe”. My human son (eight) and canine son (9) voted and it’s official. Guess again? Here’s what he said, and I […]

Florida Resident Special (save up to $1550)

Wow!!! Check out this amazing Disney Institute offer for Florida Residents:

When Passion, Will, and Opportunity collide

What happens when passion, will, and opportunity collide?  Impossible becomes possible! While many know me as a “Disney Fanatic“.   Only a handful truly comprehend the passion to do something great, and, the will to do something great, that has been with me all my life. Are you a dreamer of impossible dreams? I would bet […]

5 Things to Always Do

Ask yourself, “Am I…..”: Always changing? Always growing? Always working? Always have? Always will? Nice ring to it when you put it together as an affirmation: “Always changing.  Always growing.   Always working.  Always have.  Always will.” Carpe diem, jungle jeff  🙂