Disney Wonder (Social Media Update)

Disney Wonder (Social Media update).  This is different than the Disney Scoop, which is the motion Disney Cast Members learn, to pick up specks of trash without stopping. I often wonder where I’d be right now if I’d been quicker to embrace social media. Which naturally leads to wondering about businesses, if they wonder about […]

Don’t Get Arrested

Do what you fear, but don’t get arrested.  Sometimes, if not more often, we must do what we fear to overcome it. This has been challenging, considering  all the places I’ve lived and worked – 35 years in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Idaho, Florida and Washington State. Bottom line, my thirst for pushing boundaries tends to […]

Back To School

Back to school for our third grader. Thank you to my wife for all her hard work to shop, organize and take care of all the preparations necessary for a successful end to summer vacation. Third grader, nine years old, 70-plus pounds.  Who woulda thought? Our son had a great summer at the Disney – […]

jungle jeff, Risk Taker

jungle jeff, risk taker, on The Ledge. Friday evening, I walked to the Willis Tower (formerly The Sears Tower). The 1.5 miles took about an hour, with the numerous photo stops. Going there was a mission.  A mission to stretch myself. Spent two full days in Chicago, exiting, motivating and inspiring a great organization to […]

jungle jeff Traditions

jungle jeff traditions are inspired from Disney’s successful business models.  If it works for Disney, it can work for you and  me. So in 1996, when my Grandmother was given six weeks to live and a few years later my Dad was fading from early onset, rapid progression Alzheimer’s, I sent many Mickey Mouse, Minnie […]