Disney Institute & Tour de France

Disney Institute & Tour de France.  Anything in common?

Yes.  What then?  Team work.

I watched some of the team time trial Tuesday.  Lance Armstrong’s team Astana, finished the 42 kilometer race first, by a fraction of a second.

It is quite common to think that Le Tour de France is an individual sport. The fact is, it’s a team sport, with each nine-man team trying to have one of their members be the overall Tour de France champion.

The Disney Institute is the most amazing team of individuals, all focused on winning, just like Lance Armstrong’s team.

There is one difference I’d like to point out though.  Disney Institute doesn’t win unless their Customers win.

Make it a great day, because if you don’t, who will?  Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

Gain Knowledge in Amazing Places

Knowledge. Wow!  Some say, Knowledge is power.  Ever heard that phrase?

Next question, “Do you believe it’s true”?

I do, mostly.  However, just knowing is not enough for me.

And by the way, you can gain knowledge at parties, the Internet, and simply through experience.

Way more important though, is applying the knowledge.  Ya with me?

On July 4th, at a friends party, I spoke with a retired small business owner.   What got us talking was my question, “Do you run”? He certainly didn’t look 65 to me.  Not even close.

Anyway, I got some great small business tips from him:

  1. Number one, most important – be passionate about what you do
  2. Build long-term relationships;  never burn any bridges
  3. Deliver POS – Positively Outrageous Service

I asked another question, “I’ve heard that you either run your business or it runs you.  What do think of that”?

This led to a final, and critical message –Be prepared to work your life around your business.

In my 35 years paying taxes, I’ve worked in organizations where the leader said, “Run it like it’s your own business”. Heck, I used to try to inspire my direct reports with the exact same message.

It sure looks good on paper doesn’t it?  “Run it like it’s yours”. Until I did the math.

Searching the Internet for validation, I found various studies conclude anywhere from 50% to 80% of start-up businesses disappear within five years, with the majority within two years.

I paused.  Reflected on the significance.  And then acted on this knowledge in a dramatically different way than ever before, 18 months ago.

And to my surprise and delight, it’s made me a significantly better professional speaker.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

Walt Disney & Roy Disney

Walt Disney and Roy Disney.  What a combination.  One of the key things that made them a great team was their differences.

Walt, in my opinion, was the modern-day father of creativity.   Roy, well, perhaps a financial genius. And both were very hard workers.

I think I met their reincarnations last night, on Sanibel Island.

I’ll call them Vince and Dirk.

Two men, both entrepreneurs, formed a small business partnership, and shared with me their incredible vision for their future.

What I love about Vince and Dirk is they represent, to me, seasoned business professionals who are capitalizing on these turbulent times, using technology and creativity, to position themselves for growth.

One watches every penny.  One uses enthusiasm to spawn creativity.  Both hustle and work incredibly hard.

I got excited just listening to their story.

If you told your story to a complete stranger, do you think that stranger would get excited about what you’ve done and what you are about to do?

I sure hope so.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂