Neglect gets expensive over time

Organizational culture is like personal health…it gets expensive to restore if you neglect it too long. You know what the real challenge is? We get so used to accepting that our organizational health is less than vibrant that we eventually stop being motivated to do anything to change it. And this gradually makes our culture more […]

Disney Creativity secrets from a lifetime insider

What allows this type of creativity and innovation to happen? The Disney cultural belief that great ideas can, and should, come from anywhere. A passion for our purpose, diversity of perspective, deeply embedded collaborative norms, and excitement to do the impossible. When you live on the inside for more than three decades, when you teach […]

Where is Spring Grove?

Where is Spring Grove? For decades, Disney nametags had two images. Mickey Mouse and the Cast Member’s first name. In 1996 at Walt Disney World, we began celebrating our 25th anniversary. Tom Elrod, our Marketing VP, announced that our new nametags would include our hometown. Why? To increase Guest to Cast interaction. “Where’s Spring Grove? […]