Where is Spring Grove?

Where is Spring Grove? For decades, Disney nametags had two images. Mickey Mouse and the Cast Member’s first name. In 1996 at Walt Disney World, we began celebrating our 25th anniversary. Tom Elrod, our Marketing VP, announced that our new nametags would include our hometown. Why? To increase Guest to Cast interaction. “Where’s Spring Grove? […]

Disney University was the original Disney Institute

Disney University was the original Disney Institute. Few, if any, know this. Why? Because it’s not important. But knowing it, and living through it, help me convince my audiences that it’s not the Magic that makes it work, it’s the work that makes it Magic. The reason professional development left Disney University (DU) is that DU […]

If Disney Ran Your Life podcast, a commitment

Listening to a Dan Cockerell podcast about balance while walking to the gym yesterday, a catalytic moment was presented. It was in that very moment, while listening and walking to the gym, that i decided to commit to hiring Jody Maberry to run my Podcast. If Disney Ran Your Life. •  •  •  •  • This website is about […]

Disney Institute origin story (become irrationally excellent)

  Become irrationally excellent…i can picture Walt Disney epitomizing this notion. And from that i give myself permission (having worked at Disney for over 30 years) to be irrational too. Disney Institute’s history and origin story as told by Jim Korkis.   •  •  •  •  • This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about […]