Am I The Only One?

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mastercard painting
Art times two.


Art is doing what everyone else does but in a unique way.


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Anyone Else Think Like This?

Why is rare so valuable?

She Sells Sea Shells storefront sign on Sanibel Island


Boxes and boxes of sea shells for sale on Sanibel Island


Expensive sea shells at She Sells Sea Shells on Sanibel Island


The herd is easy to spot.

The misfit too.

One is rare. One is not.

Rare is exponentially more valuable.


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Freaks unite

Compliance and the comfort it provides

Mid Life Celebration at Epcot
The Circles of Life?


Stumbled upon this yesterday.

Telling a great story is what a brand does.

You can’t begin to tell a story without understanding why that story should matter to the people you want to serve.  – Bernadette Jiwa

Anyone who tries to please the mainstream deserves everything they get. – Hugh MacLeod

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Live like you mean it.

Why listen to America’s work life balance expert?

Because without balance there can be no peace.

Without peace, there can be no contentment.

Without contentment, there can be no peace.

The circle of life.

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Being Brave

What happens when we are intentional where the Herd is unintentional?

jungle jeff older blog post with clear vision
Clear, concise, compelling? Not for everyone.


Never get bored with the basics. You know, complicated stuff like common sense.

When you do the common things in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. – George Washington Carver

When we are intentional where the Herd is unintentional or completely oblivious, we pique the worlds attention.


But it happens.

It’s happening here.

And it’s seems like it’s taking forever, but in reality, the seed is only breaking the soil’s surface.

Insight: Patience is strength.

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