Emotional connections fuel loyalty

        Emotional connections fuel loyalty. To create an emotional connection, something positive and unexpected has to happen. Even the smallest positive gestures, if unexpected, are powerful. If the positive thing was expected, it protects against delivering a negative experience, but, it doesn’t surprise and delight. Magic happens when we are delightfully surprised. […]

Speaker Bureau conditions for exclusivity

  Conditions for exclusivity: All legacy clients remain mine, without conditions. For 2019, 24 speaking contracts required for 2020 renewal option. All my proprietary content and delivery style unconditionally remain 100% mine. Video recording strictly prohibited. Photographing slides strictly prohibited. Payment is 50% at contract signing, 50% 30 days before event.   •  •  •  • […]

Who’s the best Disney Keynote Speaker in the world?

  Who’s the best Disney Keynote Speaker in the world? Tell you in a minute. If you don’t tell people stuff, they may never know. Information (constructive feedback) that they should address and modify. Information (positive blind spots that build confidence) they should celebrate and enjoy and build upon for continued contribution. Ben, the global speakers bureau […]

Dear Global Speaker Bureaus

  Dear Speaker Bureaus… One of the joys of writing is the opportunity to think on paper, like right now: Ways you can book jeff noel: North America keynotes are $26k net and client provides hotel. All other expenses included in fee. International Keynotes are $36k net and client provides business-class airfare and hotel. All other […]