Go Daddy Is Awesome

Go Daddy is awesome.  The past two days I’ve reconnected with Go Daddy, and remember why I love them so much. They offer world class customer service.  Consistently. Great product.  Great price. Great selection.  Great service. That’s all a person can ask for, isn’t it?  That a company would live up to their promise every […]

Twitter, Tweets and Tips

Click 101 Twitter Tips to see a pile of great ways to use Twitter more effectively. Are you still trying to figure out Twitter, Tweets, Retweets, FollowFriday, # hashtags, @ and other Twitter stuff?  Me too.  It’s not that it’s difficult.  It simply a matter of finding time to read, try, read some more and retry. […]

What Do These Have In Common?

What do these have in common: Bill Clinton Prime Time TV Jesse Jackson Tabloids Government Newspapers Internet sites Social Media The list goes on and on.  All of these have pushed society’s buttons on what is acceptable. Sex, Racism, Prejudice, Greed, Corruption, Religion, Politics, Crudeness, Aggression, Violence. All of these things or people have pushed […]

Happy Birthday Walt Disney World

Happy Birthday Walt Disney World.  Disney World opened to the public on October 1, 1971, nearly five years after Walt Disney died from cardiac arrest (brought on from the removal of his cancerous left lung on November 7, 1966). Walt’s older brother Roy O. Disney, at 73 years old, and enjoying retirement, had a big […]

You Know What He Told Me?

Ever ask a nine-year old for business advice?  I did recently. Pondering the pros and cons of going solo versus partnering, on a special project.  So, just for kicks, I asked my son (9). He said, “Two heads are better than one”. For the next few minutes, my son and I waited for our friend […]