What’s Your Leadership Strategy?


What do you do to stay ahead as a great leader?  The trends, technology, social media, innovation, results, inspiration, challenges. Most leaders are good at these things.  Some are very good. And a few are excellent.

Which are you? Do you even know if you are a great leader? Most of us aren’t.

In today’s world, we need people with vision and guts. Ya with me?

What do you do to create a visionary wildfire?  What are you willing to risk to see your visionary flames spread?

I’d really like to challenge all you jungle jeff readers to list your top three strategies or tactics. Not to publish in the comments, but just to satisfy your own accountability. Here are mine:

Fanatical focus on my purpose (vision).  Insatiable learning.  Daily risk taking (launch, learn, revise).

PS. If you want to share them, please go ahead.

Indispensable Linchpin?


Indispensable Linchpin?

Most of you don’t have any idea what this is about, do you?  That’s okay.  That’s where jungle jeff comes in.

You see, in my insatiable quest for business excellence, leadership excellence, customer service excellence, brand loyalty excellence and creative excellence, you can count on jungle jeff to discover the stuff that most people despise, and therefore, are utterly clueless to.

(This makes the linchpin’s job even easier)

You know the stuff – the information, the ideas, the inspiration, the permission, and the actual people doing it differently.

These are the people who can’t stand to listen to “what we’re gonna do”, but are actually the ones who just make up their minds and start doing it – differently, better – with greater reach, greater relevance and greater impact.

There’s a catch here today, or else nothing here matters. The catch is you have to click here to watch this video. It’s like two minutes of conversation about what a linchpin is.

If you don’t know what a linchpin is, you are already behind.  Is today your day to catch up?  To reinforce the obvious?

Did her description sound like who you are, or who you want to be?

Just Bust A Move


The hall mark of quality is consistency.  Seriously.

In world-class customer service, it’s critical to know your audience. My customers are my immediate Family. Our son is the one who is looking for a great role model.

Many professional speakers and business authors, talk a great talk, however, closer inspection would reveal an interesting truth – most teachers are teachers, because, they can not actually do very well at what it is they are teaching.

If they could, wouldn’t they be making their living doing it, instead of teaching it?

And to that end, we should be inspired everyday. We should inspire everyday.  And we should be “walking the talk” everyday.

The harder you work, the luckier you get. And a friend sent this email three days ago:

“It was great to see my mentor/role model yesterday.  You always inspire me.  You mentioned that while you were here at the D.U. you guys were looking at the Leadership content and talking about the importance of a vision.  I found this quote that I wanted to share with my teacher.

“It’s hard to run blindfolded.  You have to see where you’re going in order to be able to get there fast.  The clearer your vision, the faster you can go.”

“Make it a great day!” Part of your language and culture on your many YouTube clips.”

Six Pixels Of Separation

We Are Closer Than You Think
We Are Closer Than You Think

“Social media in all forms are becoming the dominant form of interaction on the Net, whether blogging, Twittering, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Six Pixels of Separation clearly describes this new family of media, offering realistic ways to get involved and productive in a hurry.” — Craig Newmark, founder of Craigs List

The Workday Begins the Night Before

Is Disney World Our Hometown?
Is Disney World Our Hometown?

Living in Central Florida, surrounded by Palm Trees and Sunshine is well, glorious. (That’s just wrong to write something like that in the middle of Winter, isn’t it?)

Alright, let’s try this – living next to Walt Disney World, with all it’s Theme parks, luxurious Disney resorts, stunning landscape, friendly Cast Members, spectacular entertainment, and first class dining is well, glorious.  (Okay, strike two, right?)

Well, last night I began planning today’s work.  It started with a vision for what I need to do today and how well it should be done.

Is there ever a day when we can not worry about delivering exceptional customer service, or as Disney labels it, magical Guest experiences?  No seriously, Disney has a standard where 99 out of 100 is failure. There is never a day where mediocrity is acceptable.  NEVER.

One of the secrets of great leaders is to begin the day’s work the night before.

But you already knew that, right?