Tell Us Already About The MBA

OK, ok, okay.  I’ll tell you.  But please don’t expect it to be predictable. And please don’t expect it to be fully revealed today. Any idea why?  Well, mostly because it’s awkward to talk about, and even more so to write about. It most likely goes without saying; however, just so we’re all crystal clear, I’m […]

Walt Disney Had No MBA

Walt Disney didn’t have an MBA.  Neither did his older brother, Roy Disney. So? So, maybe you don’t need an MBA to be successful.  Maybe you do. There are people in both camps – some insisting it’s mandatory, some it’s a complete waste of time and money. Guess what?  I’m in the middle. I think […]

jungle jeff, Vision, Mission, Brand

Vision, Mission, Brand. Corporate speak? Sure. Critical success factors? Absolutely.  Or, just plain old common sense? How many successful businesses operate without these?  “None“, would probably be pretty accurate. Seriously, how could they? And if they can’t be successful, how can we? Ever wonder about your personal life – without a personal vision, mission, and brand? […]