Make Dramatic Leaps in Perfomance!

Make Dramatic Leaps in Performance! What do you do to make Dramatic leaps in Guest Service?  Dramatic leaps in Financial Results?  Dramatic leaps in Employee Satisfaction? Please don’t get me wrong, small, daily, incremental improvements are the name of the game.  Right?  Well, almost. We all focus on continuous improvement through daily efforts to make small improvements, […]

Dream Big!

This blog has been an inspiring way to look at my personal mission to be a catalyst for positive change. Writing here, has stretched my thinking, and has absolutely made me a better presenter and professional speaker.  Period.  End of story. I am even going to go so far as to say it is, a dramatic […]

Would Walt Disney have a blog?

Would Walt Disney have a blog? Probably, in my opinion. Walt always taught his associates to push the envelope and be in front of the competition.  Find new ways to inform and entertain our audience. Do you have a blog? If you do, great.   If you don’t, let me please ask you a few questions, […]

Walt Disney is alive!

Walt Disney is alive! Really? April Fools. Actually, he is alive.  Very alive.  Seriously. He’s alive in the hearts, minds and spirits of most Cast Members. You know why? Because Disney nurtures, develops and grows their Disney Culture, purposefully. If they weren’t methodical in how they work so relentlessly to manage and perpetuate their culture, […]

Disney Meetings and Tiger Woods?

Disney meetings and Tiger Woods?  Is there some commonality?  Maybe. Two days ago, Tiger made a dramatic comeback, here in Orlando, at the Bay Hill golf course.  I don’t recall the tournament’s name.  It was his sixth win at this particular tournament. But, no one was certain he could win, yet.  Was he ready?  Was […]