Number One Reason

Last weekend, my son (9) and I were relaxing in our pool at sunset.  I asked him, “You know why I’m working so hard on the business, right”?

“In case you lose your job”?, he said, questioning.

“Well sort of, but not really because of that.  I would like to have more control over the impact one can make on our world.  Being a business owner doesn’t guarantee that, but it sure does increase the odds”.

Reminded him of the power of hard work and how it’s harder at the beginning, in virtually everything, because there’s so much to learn.

Funny thing, for a nine-year old, he gets it.  And it’s easy to see why.

When his Dad became a parent, he worked really hard at the beginning, because there was so much to learn.

PS.  What I didn’t tell him is the “business” is my attempt to help raise enough money to find a cure for his disease.

Get A Real MBA This is a legitimate website.  Seriously.

Just 24 hours ago, I was walking through the Portland, Oregon International Airport and the wall ad caught my attention.

Timely ad? Indeed.  Have been a bit self-conscious in trying to share this journey to get a “real” MBA.

It involves a special project for each individual student.  The goal is simple.  Start a business that doesn’t go out of business.

The IRS gives you three years, essentially, before they ask if your project is a hobby or a business.

Who wouldn’t want to go to school and three years later be able to say, “It ain’t a hobby”?

Professor’s Top Do’s 4 MBA

The Professor did say, “To receive this special MBA”:

  • Do think more creatively than ever
  • Do involve others
  • Do be picky about how you spend your time
  • Do be focused on whom you involve
  • Do have a purpose much bigger than yourself
  • Do have a vision that seems impossible
  • Do plan to make a ton of money
  • Do plan to change people’s lives
  • Do plan to be tested and ridiculed

Professor’s Top Do Nots 4 MBA

The professor said, “In your efforts to receive this special MBA”:

  • Do not take yourself away from the things you already do
  • Do not make extra work for yourself
  • Do not spend piles of money
  • Do not listen to pessimists
  • Do not give up, ever
  • Do not copy the status quo
  • Do not sell yourself short
  • Do not be paralyzed with tough decisions
  • Do not fear failure
  • Do not play it safe
  • Do not compromise your values, ever

But he did say to receive this special MBA, there are specific things that must be done.  That list is for tomorrow.