Professor’s Top Do Nots 4 MBA

The professor said, “In your efforts to receive this special MBA”:

  • Do not take yourself away from the things you already do
  • Do not make extra work for yourself
  • Do not spend piles of money
  • Do not listen to pessimists
  • Do not give up, ever
  • Do not copy the status quo
  • Do not sell yourself short
  • Do not be paralyzed with tough decisions
  • Do not fear failure
  • Do not play it safe
  • Do not compromise your values, ever

But he did say to receive this special MBA, there are specific things that must be done.  That list is for tomorrow.

Tell Us Already About The MBA

OK, ok, okay.  I’ll tell you.  But please don’t expect it to be predictable. And please don’t expect it to be fully revealed today.

Any idea why?  Well, mostly because it’s awkward to talk about, and even more so to write about.

It most likely goes without saying; however, just so we’re all crystal clear, I’m a square hole looking for a round peg.  Got it?

So let’s start here.  It troubles me, personally, to think that after expending extraordinary resources, the only thing you get upon graduating with an MBA is a piece or paper.

As an over-achiever (like Walt Disney, Roger Bannister, Jesus, Superman, etc), I want a heck of a lot more than a piece of paper.  At 50 years old, what can I do with another piece of paper?

I want profit, a passive income and the ability to work when I want, from where I want, and to hire whom I want, when I want.

My professor says this is possible, but it will require efforts heretofore unheard of.

Walt Disney Had No MBA

Walt Disney didn’t have an MBA.  Neither did his older brother, Roy Disney. So?

So, maybe you don’t need an MBA to be successful.  Maybe you do. There are people in both camps – some insisting it’s mandatory, some it’s a complete waste of time and money.

Guess what?  I’m in the middle. I think you don’t need one and you do need one.  So that’s what I’ve set out to do.  Get one and not get one.

Confusing?  It won’t be.  As the days pass and we get nearer to the autumnal equinox, this paradox will become clear.

It’s a four year degree, which I began January 2008.  There are big life choices.  We all get to choose.

For example, ten years ago I chose to be healthier, so I started doing one push up each day.  The second week, two push ups each day. Third week, three a day, and so on.

Last month, I represented the United States in the Master’s Track & Field World Championships, in Lahti, Finland.

Our Similarities Are Different

MBA – If you have one, are getting one, or plan to in the future, an MBA carries a certain clout.

People seek clout for a variety of reasons.  Mostly, it would seem, to advance their career and their paycheck.

In a competitive world, key advantages make for good strategy.  But because everyone knows an MBA increases one’s chances over one without an MBA, you’d think more people would actually get an MBA.

So why don’t they?  Not sure.  In fact, it’s really inconsequential.

The MBA I’m pursuing is for the same reasons, but the approach I’m taking is a completely different strategy than anyone else I know.

Seems our similarities are different.

jungle jeff, Vision, Mission, Brand

Vision, Mission, Brand. Corporate speak? Sure. Critical success factors? Absolutely.  Or, just plain old common sense?

How many successful businesses operate without these?  “None“, would probably be pretty accurate. Seriously, how could they?

And if they can’t be successful, how can we? Ever wonder about your personal life – without a personal vision, mission, and brand?

When companies evaluate their employee, customer and financial goals and results, do you think they could save time and money by not laboring over these things?

Of course. But that would be very short-sighted and very foolish.

Is it me, or is it hot in here?

Yesterday’s post inspired this one.  “Without clearly defined…..”