jungle jeff in Finland?

jungle jeff in Finland?

Yes.  Was a zombie yesterday.  Severe jet lag.  Woke at 5AM here, with eight hours of fresh sleep.  I’m very consciously ignoring the fact that it’s 10PM Disney World time.  🙂

Ever notice how I always, without exception, use lower case letters in my name?

Initially, most think it’s simply a typo – that I’m not actually paying attention to the little details, which Disney is famous for.

When a person consistently does something, well or not well, it’s called a habit.

The Disney organization works desperately hard to have their employees do things consistently well.

Because, very simply, if they don’t do things consistently well, the odds are staggering that they’ll trend to the opposite.

So our son has heard me preach about using his manners, for years.  I never give up. Never get frustrated. I just keep focused. He’s “only” eight, but he fully understands this:

Stand two 8-year olds together.  Assume one consistently uses manners.  The other boy doesn’t.

Which boy will adults trust more?

Same with business.  Two businesses offer customers the same product, same price point.  One is service-focused.  One is not.

My work here today is done.   Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

jungle jeff in Paris?

jungle jeff is in Paris?  Yes.  🙂


Heading to the Master’s Track & Field World Championships, representing the USA in the 400 meters, 50-54 age group – 5,300 athletes from 80 countries.

Started a healthier lifestyle ten years ago, doing one push up per day. It was a bad health report that triggered my commitment, or re-commitment you might say.

My son (8), has watched me start something important, and stay with it.  So has my wife.

Same at Disney, and probably the same at your organization.

Focus and discipline.

My son sees how it works in my personal life, and he sees me apply it as a Professional Speaker.

You know what he also understands?  And remember, he’s only a child.  It’s common sense put into common practice.

I’m teaching him there are no shortcuts.  This will save him, but certainly not spare him, from many disappointments – personally and professionally.

What does this mean to you?  I don’t know.  But I hope you do.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

Twistee Treat Tradition

Yesterday, my son (8) and I did our Friday afternoon tradition.  We went to Twistee Treat for ice cream. This started four years ago.

My wife takes our son to school.  I pick him up.  It’s part of the structure and process we put in place to run our home.

One Friday, I suggested to our son, as we were pulling away from his school, “Let’s stop at Twistee Treat and get ice cream to celebrate a great week and kickoff a great weekend”.

We did this every single Friday for a year.  A great tradition was in place to create memories for our son and help him learn a lesson for being a great parent.

Then one Monday afternoon, on a whim, I said, “Let’s get some ice cream to kick off a great week and celebrate the great weekend we just had”.

So now, for the past three years, it’s every single Monday and Friday.

Once, just to be the antagonist (with a purpose) I am, I said, “Let’s skip Twistee Treat today.  Missing one day won’t hurt”.

He said, “Daddy, would you cancel Thanksgiving”?  “No, of course not”, I replied.

He said, “Exactly, it’s a tradition.  You don’t cancel traditions, they’re too important”.

Now, I ask you, “What opportunity do you have to start, and execute a simple tradition with your loved ones”?

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

Walt Disney Has Made Me A Better Person

Walt Disney has made me a better person.

Why?  How?

Great questions, to be sure.

Our son’s birthday is in August, so starting tomorrow, I’d like to begin a new chapter at jungle jeff that will help readers see how surprisingly simple Walt Disney’s philosophies are.

The goal will be to showcase some simple, no cost ways my life improved as a Dad, by adapting what Walt Disney thought was important.

I really believe it will help you see how Walt  Disney thought, in a way you probably never thought of before.

And once you understand how simple and effective Walt Disney’s philosophies are – and how they can even be applied to being a better person – the more likely you’ll be to want to try it yourself.


Great.  See ya real soon, and, oh yeah, carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

PS.  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you the Twistee Treat “tradition” story.

Wait, There’s More

My friend, a true Disney fan, even went as far as suggesting, “You really need to be an expert before people will follow you”.

And I thought out loud, “Really”?

So this led to a decent discussion about:

  • How do you become an expert?  It certainly isn’t overnight
  • How do you develop a following?  It too, isn’t overnight.

I boldly, but with unseen humility, stated that I’m a wellness expert.   What makes me a  “wellness expert”?

Mind.  Body.  Spirit.  Money.

Expert?  Really now?

The ability to deliver great results.  That’s what makes you an expert.

When you can make common sense, common practice.

Bold?  Absolutely.

Boastful?  Depends on the strength of the person doing the “judging”.  A small mind will probably say, “Boastful”.  A humble mind, “Not boastful at all”.

It’s a test we’d all like to pass, but few have the courage to take.

Being fanatical about quality and practicing what’s preached, I take the test daily.

Carpe diem, jeff noel, honor student.  🙂