Here’s What We Also Talked About

Want to know what else we talked about?


Pros and cons of lists.

We didn’t get far because we quickly moved to content.

My friend suggested, in his opinion, my blog posts don’t exactly end with a finishing point.

For example, my friend said, “You don’t tell people what they should do”.

And I thought, “Perfect”!

It’s called facilitation.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

He Said, “You Write Like You Talk”

My friend recently told me, “You write like you talk”.

My friend reads these jungle jeff blog posts from an iPhone and was suggesting my writing has too many commas, or pauses.

And that in today’s world a lot of people don’t read that way.

I pause, often, to make certain points, to let the point resonate, to challenge the listener, and sometimes, just to think about what I’m going to say next.

There, see what I did in that last sentence?

I feel comfortable with my style.  It’s the way I talk.  It’s who I am.

So I asked my friend, “Ever notice my paragraph structure”?

“One or two sentences”, he responded immediately.

I asked if he knew why, and paused.

Then I said, “Because I’ve read a ton of blogs and most of them overwhelm me with what I’ll have to invest to figure out what the writer is trying to say”.

I’m not sure if he got my point.

Maybe you didn’t either.

Will you be back tomorrow to hear the other intriguing things we talked about?

If not, I wish you the best of everything.  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

Recognize These Experts?

The big question today, “What makes a person an expert”?

Recognize these experts?  Here’s a small list to get you ready for today’s main post, which is separate.

  • Equality – Martin Luther King
  • Humility – Mother Teresa
  • Creativity – Walt Disney
  • WinningJohn Wooden
  • Independence – Ghandi
  • SpeedUsain Bolt

Okay, ready?  I’m going to tell you I’m an expert too.  Before I do, please read the PS below.

PS.  I’m heading to Helsinki in a few days to represent the United States in the Master’s Track & Field World Championships.  Boastful or not boastful, it all depends on the size of a person’s mind.  Carpe diem, jeff 🙂

What’s a BFO?

What’s a BFO?  It’s a Blinding Flash of the Obvious.

Recently, I was in the middle of a lively discussion on the things that keep employees from getting actively involved with finding solutions to improve Employee morale, Customer satisfaction and Financial results.

One person said, “Language barriers.  I may speak with an accent, but I don’t think with an accent”.

I loved hearing that.


Because it taught me something.  Something I already knew, but subconsciously forget.

I thanked that person later.

Walt Disney used to say, “I never know where our next great idea is going to come from”.

I was gently reminded of exactly what Walt meant, and how that applies leaders in his organization.

Teaching often seems so one sided.  It’s not.  I’m living proof.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff  🙂

Disney Institute Is Traveling Near You

Disney Institute Is Traveling Near You.  Most likely, anywhere from next week to the next several months.

In tough economic times, the race is won by those who do more and do better, than their competition.

Same in sports, life, real estate, you name it.  Whether you’re for-profit or non-profit.  Doesn’t matter.

Here are two Internet articles describing, from the community’s perspective, what Disney Institute will offer their constituents:

  1. Executive Education Workshop Gives Inside Look at Inside Disney’s Magic
  2. Announces Disney Institute Track at the Employers of Excellence National Conference January 26-29, 2009

Here’s an excerpt from the first article (in case you don’t have time to read it):

“The Disney Keys to Excellence Program is:
•    Relevant: Impacts critical drivers of success in a slow economy
•    Affordable: Priced to serve more people under limited budgets
•    Actionable: Easy to implement upon return to the office
•    Inspirational: Generates team excitement and momentum
•    Short: Takes only one day away from the office
•    Local: no travel expenses”

There, that about sums it up.  Turbulent times require people to be even more decisive, I think, than in times of prosperity.

Bottom line, it comes down to a leadership mindset to excellence.  Always has, always will.  Carpe diem,  jungle jeff 🙂