Imagine, Snowball Marketing

Snowball Marketing?
Snowball Marketing?

Imagine if (random number) half your staff had blogs.  And they wrote about how your company helps people.

Imagine the people you select to blog, like this.  They are smart, professional people.  You already trust them to remain compliant with all your organization’s policies, while interacting with your customers on the phone, and face to face.

Imagine no rules are broken and no lines are crossed – the same way you currently assume your people are behaving in front of your customers.

Is this easy or difficult to imagine?

The New Business Card

Traditional Thinking?
Traditional Thinking?

Are you familiar with the new business card?

It’s no longer a small rectangular piece of card stock.

Bet you don’t have a clue.

Most people don’t.

I didn’t either.

Until a year ago.

Then the epiphany.

Never Get Bored With

Being Caged In Is Boring, But Secure
Being Caged In Is Boring, But Secure

Never get bored with two things:

  1. The Fundamentals
  2. Common Sense

Never get comfortable with two things:

  1. Status quo
  2. Mediocrity

Always be thankful for this:

  1. Everything

And never get bored with blogging.

This Man Is Crazy

Crazy man thinks he’s the luckiest Dad in the world:

Looks like he’s right.

Says he’s the Best Dad in the entire Universe.

Blogging & Social Media

Tom Peters?

I saw Tom Peters in Orlando, maybe 10 years ago, shortly after becoming a professional speaker.

Tom Peter’s is insightful.  If you are looking for small nuggets with big impact, or simply want to reinforce what you believe, this slide show ought to do it for you.

In Search of Excellence and A Passion For Excellence were the two Leadership books that put Tom Peters on the path to legendary Management guru.