Person of The Week?

Last night I watched ABC Evening News.  This is something that only happens when family visits.  Family arrived two days ago from “up north”.  As we were eating some take out pizza, my attention was captured when the “Person of The Week” feature announced the University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball coach, Geno Auriemma, as the person of the week.

Why did this interest me?

Because I love basketball?  No.

Because I’m heading back to New England in a few weeks.

Part of my personal brand is exceeding expectations.  Not meeting them.  Exceeding them!  This is really hard to do, day in and day out.  So what’s one of my secret tactics?

Paying attention.  Paying attention?  Yes.  Paying attention.

To what?

On a good day, everything.

Very simply, I’ve been trained from day one, to always be looking for small “wows” – things important to people, but people aren’t consciously aware they are important.  This is why it’s a surprise and why it exceeds their expectations.  They never saw it coming.  But once it arrived, WOW!

Well, where I’m headed, UConn Basketball is important.  For some it’s “religion”.  For others, not so much.  But overall, it’s very important to the fabric, the culture, of this community.

If I have an opportunity to get real time, emotional data from the TV, why not take it?

Yogi Berra, a baseball player I think, used to say, “You can observe a lot by watching“.

Words to live by.  Seriously, words to live by.

Pay attention and carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

PS.  I’d like to post again about the coach, Geno Auriemma.  He used a phrase, “the Stone-cold truth” to describe how he coaches.  The truth hurts, yet the truth can set you free, and lead you to three consecutive National Championships, and five National Championships since 2000.  WOW!

Better Business Blogging? (bonus?)

Just posted a new Page today and thought some of you may be interested.  It’s called Better Business Blogging 101.

Many of you won’t find it useful, because you already have been blogging much longer than I have, and, you’ll find it to be too lengthy.   Others might be intrigued by the approach I’ve taken and profit from it.

However, if you’d like to offer any professional advice, it will be accepted in the spirit it was asked for, sincerely and with great intent.

Do what you fear and the death of that fear is certain.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff  🙂

Happy Friday

So much to say, so little time.

Ever feel like that?

If you’ve become a regular reader of jungle jeff, THANK YOU.  I welcome your input on how to make this more relevant and useful.   I’ve always said, “The road to excellence has no finish line.”

Wish I had the wisdom to know how to create the perfect blog.  You know the one, a blog that exceeds every one’s expectations.

What is wisdom anyway?

In the spirit of sharing and inspiring, click on WISDOM, to see a short video with insights from some wise people you’ll recognize.

Hope your day is full of wise choices and inspiration.  May I challenge you to make it that kind of day, because if you don’t, who will?  Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

Did I do it?

Indeed! Did you?

Yesterday, I promised to do what I do every day. I also gently asked you to “plant a seed“. Remember? A small seed to take daily, calculated risks to move your great, and maybe impossible, goal forward.

Technology is the way. Period. End of story!

To me, it isn’t one of the issues facing businesses today, it is THE issue!

Last night, reflecting back on the day, it hit me!

LinkedIn is: A 24-hour virtual meeting. A virtual business card. A remarkable tool with unlimited power to market your business.

You can pop in and out of the virtual 24-meeting at any time to see who’s there and what they’re talking about.  There are a ton of smart people using it.  In fact, there are currently 38,000,000.  That number is projected to mushroom to 300-400 million soon.

Studying the Disney organization since I was a kid, it has taught me to instinctively understand that the next great idea can come from anyone in our organization.  Or even anyone, anywhere in the world.

All we have to do is pay attention, which is hard at today’s busy pace.

Make this a great day to pay attention.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff  🙂

Why ask these questions?

I often ask myself, “Are you doing all you can do to embody the ideals of Walt and Roy Disney“?

Another popular question, “Are their values still relevant“?

Still another, “How can I demonstrate those values in the best way possible“?

Why these questions?

Because Walt Disney and Roy Disney were razor-focused on delivering the very best product, pushing boundaries, and growing their business.

That still seems relevant to me.  Does it to you?

Make it a great day.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂