Walt Disney Said

A Dreamer, and, A Doer
A Dreamer, and, A Doer

Walt Disney said many profound things. There are few on Earth that think Walt Disney was stupid and misguided.

Are you a Walt Disney fan? I mean, a fan of the man, the dreamer and doer?

After several days of long jungle jeff blog posts, I’m cutting this one short with a simple and profound Walt Disney quote, which summarizes how I want to think in 2010:

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

In 2010, let’s pursue the dreams we’ve always had, but have not yet made our dramatic leap. Ya with me?

Five A Day Blogger Explosion

To Serve, To Strive, and not To Yield
To Serve, To Strive, and not To Yield

In March 2009, just ten short months ago, I made a promise – a 100-day challenge.

Have you ever made important promises, big promises, promises that you could almost taste the life-changing benefits?

Some call it dreaming big dreams.  Walt Disney, one of my heroes, was like that. But Walt Disney also had something different.

He had drive. And Walt Disney did what he set out to do. And Walt turned a deaf ear to the multitudes who called him crazy.

Walt Disney did things others said were impossible. When I set out to write five daily blogs for 100 days, not even I could imagine what it’s turned into.

Here we are, not 50 blog posts later, not 100, not 500 blog posts later, not 1,000 either, but over 1,500 blog posts – in ten short months.

It is quite literally a Five-A-Day Blogger explosion.

PS.  Who would you rather listen to:

  1. A big-time dreamer?
  2. A big-time dreamer and a big-time doer?

Audacious, antagonistic, insightful, servant.

Wishing You The Best

We Can Do Great Things
We Can Do Great Things

It is helpful to remember the big picture, isn’t it?

Do you have creative and effective ways to remember the big picture?  I mean everyday. Do you?

Currently, writing five daily blogs has helped me make a dramatic leap in the way I perceive excellence and act on excellence.

The dramatic leap didn’t happen a year ago when I was writing single digit monthly blog posts – November 2008.

It didn’t happen when I wrote nearly 20 monthly blog posts – December 2008.

And it didn’t happen in the first two months of this year, when I wrote even fewer.

But something magical happened in March, ten months ago.

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.  Wishing you the best day of your life -today!  Carpe diem.

Tough Love

Think You Have It Tough?
Think You Have It Tough?

Yesterday’s Christmas gift from jungle jeff to you was probably not what you expected, was it?

Tough love is what our son’s Kindergarten teacher called it.

A college roommate that became a US Marshal, handling some exceptionally criminal minds, told me that he would sometimes have to tell the people he was “guarding”, “Don’t mistake kindness for weakness.”

Our US Marshal friend is a Dad, a husband, and a really nice person. But he knows some quick moves that’ll bring the biggest brute to his knees in seconds.

The world is full of very competitive people and very competitive businesses. And there’s a phrase, survival of the fittest, that works in nature, and it works in business.

People forget this. Or, they ignore it or deny it.

I can’t.  You can’t.  No one who wants to be excellent can be unclear of this natural law.

This is why I’m upping the ante at jungle jeff.  Not by an unbearable amount, but more than 2009.

Almost forgot, if you trek on over to jeffnoel.org , and read just a few entries, you’ll see a much softer side of tough love.

Christmas Gift for You

Thank You
Thank You

Do you celebrate anything this time of year? Some do and some don’t. No worries.

Today’s post is the conclusion from yesterday’s promise to reveal an important truth. Discovering it is like receiving a very special gift.

Spirituality is simply one of many diversity layers we should all respect, appreciate, value and encourage.

One Christmas tradition that many (not all) participate in is gift giving.

My Family celebrates Christmas and the birth of Jesus. Needed to tell you that so I can tell you this.

And here is my gift to you.

The only thing that can stop you is also deceptively simple.

And this thing that can stop you is so strong, a thousand warriors can not overcome this one lone obstacle.


Merry Christmas.