Disney College Program?

Yes, Disney does indeed have a Disney College Program.

The link above is a great place to start.

Most of us can count a decent number of “life’s milestones”.

First job.  First paycheck.  First car.  First kiss.  High School Graduation.

I remember my first real paycheck in the Summer of 1975.  I was a stock boy and order puller, in an electrical parts warehouse – one that Commercial Contractors, General Contractors, and other businesses would use to buy electrical supplies at wholesale prices.

And I also remember the Winter of 1982. January 25, to be exact.

Landing in Orlando, from frosty, south central Pennsylvania, I was immediately enamoured with the palm trees and sunshine.

I hitch-hiked from the airport until I finally found Snow White Campground, near a town called Kissimmee, on Seven Dwarfs Lane.  It was behind the KOA Campground near 192 & 535.

For the next eight months, I was a college intern at The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Technically, I was also a fifth year college senior, because I changed my major and made a few “mistakes”.  It ultimately took nearly seven years for that four-year degree, but that’s another tale.  🙂

It was such a great experience to be a Jungle Cruise skipper at the Magic Kingdom.  I mean, how could it not be?  Straw hat, microphone, polyester costume, Disney smile….

Anyway, I digress.  “Oh look, a bird”.

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams.

Here I am, all these years later, back in Central Florida, traveling the world, working as a catalyst for positive organizational change.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

Is Disney afraid to take risks?

Is Disney afraid to take risks?

Not in a million years.  Walt Disney was the ultimate “envelope-pusher”.

Pushing the envelope is a phrase used when someone goes where no man or woman has gone before. Faster, higher, longer, deeper, more difficult, whatever.

In ten years of traveling regularly, I’ve never seen In-Flight Internet access.

Until yesterday.

It worked GREAT.

It was easy to create an account at www.gogoinflight.com .  Seems like gogo inflight is pushing the envelope.

The world is changing.  Fast.

I’ll bet if Walt Disney was alive, he’d love the speed, and, the breeze in his face.

I know I sure do.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff  🙂

Are Impossible Goals Best?

Is setting an impossible goal the best way to ensure your success?

Almost sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

If it’s impossible, than it can’t be done.  Right?

Well, here’s what I think:

“If you’re goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough”. 

Only a hunch, and I’ll bet most who read this will be in such a rush, that the insightful message will be lost.

Trust me, I have embraced this insight.  And it has made all the difference in the world.

Best wishes for continued success as you pursue your big dreams.  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

Company Blogs and Corporate Blogging?

Company Blogs and Corporate Blogging?

What is it?  How is it done?

And most importantly, what blogging policies and guidelines are best?

Here’s an article I just read that will start with the policy basics.  Simple structure that isn’t too complicated.  Click here to read: Corporate Social Media Policy

I’ll be following it as it looks to be a great, and credible, source of valuable tips to make it easier to move forward, safely, with corporate social media.

Make it a great day.  And thank you for visiting jungle jeff.net, Daily Reflections on Excellence.  Carpe diem, jeff 🙂


Disney, ESPN, Disney Channel, Walt Disney?

Disney, Walt Disney, Pixar, ABC, ESPN, Disney Channel, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Rascal Flatts, Disney Studios, Bob Iger, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, The Walt Disney World Resort, plus dozens more Disney brands.

Everyday I read or hear of several more companies that use blogs, Facebook, Flckr, LinkedIn, You Tube, Twitter and various other forms of Social Marketing.

Some call it Social Networking, or Social Media.  At the end of the day, for me, it’s entirely about marketing.

What do you know about keywords, tags, meta tags, titles, SEO, search engines, social marketing, etc?


Best wishes for your purposeful plan today.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂