Disney, Branding, Disney?

Disney, Branding, Disney?

Personal branding is something we are all aware of, right?  Just like personal wellness is something we are all aware of.  Are you with me?

OK, so we know these things, but the people who actually get great results, versus good results, are those that work the hardest.

Seriously, it’s what we all know to be true, but hate to admit.

Why, because hard work is, well, hard.

Here’s a case in point from my early morning drive to work this past Friday.

Like Tiger told me a year ago, “Out work ’em”!

Words to live by, but only if you want to get great results.

If great results are not part of your responsibilities, then I would just enjoy this post for what it is.

A personal opinion expressed by someone brought up in a culture where getting great results is a personal brand.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂


Disney Institute KEYS Goes to Vienna

Disney Institute Public Relations talks about Disney Institute going to Vienna with The Disney KEYS to Excellence program.

Disney Institute conducts Disney training all over the world – from Disney Parks, Disney Resorts, to Vienna, and even, To Infinity and Beyond!

Is Disney’s Enthusiasm Transferable?

Is Disney’s Enthusiasm transferable?

I believe it is 100 percent transferable.

You know what is the second most contagious thing in the world?

Seriously, take a guess.

It’s the lack of enthusiasm.

Then what’s number one?


Walt Disney invented many things, was the “first to market” with many things, and Walt Disney did things people around him thought were crazy or even impossible.

But one thing Walt Disney didn’t do was invent enthusiasm.  Yet, he had more of it than just about anyone in history.

Enthusiasm is everywhere.  Enthusiasm is free.  Enthusiasm is our choice.  It is the same in any language.

A few people know that, due to health reasons, I became a runner over ten years ago.  However, when I came to the fork in the road, I took it (thank you Yogi Berra).  I did not become a marathoner.

Quite the opposite actually.

I’m a 400-meter runner.  A one-lap sprint.  As a Master’s Track & Field athlete, the USATF All-American standard of excellence is 57.5.  I have enthusiastically run under 56 seconds multiple times.

For a 50-year old, that is spectacular.

And yet, it pales in comparison to the 400 meter world record, held by USA’s Michael Johnson, at 43.18.

Do yourself a favor and watch this 60-second You Tube clip of Michael Johnson.  Listen to the voice of the announcer, who does not speak English, but it doesn’t matter.

You can tell something amazing is in progress as you can hear and feel the announcer’s enthusiasm build.

As you watch it, may I challenge you to ask yourself, “Am I enthusiastic”?

Not only does Michael Johnson win, he completely and utterly dominates the other world-class athletes.

That’s the goal in business – do something spectacular, make a mark on the world, and be recognized as the clear and dominant leader in your field.

Good luck and carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂


Orlando’s jeff noel Loves Disney

Orlando’s jeff noel loves Disney.

What’s not to love about Disney?

And I especially love to promote Disney Institute.

Here’s a You Tube video I found.  It’s actually on their Disney Institute website; however, did a You Tube search for Disney Institute last night and found it there also.

For your information and clarification, here’s a great, and quick, look at what Disney Institute actually is and does.  NOTE:  The clip starts 13 seconds after you click play, and it’s worth the wait.  🙂

Make it a great day and “Happy Friday” to all of you. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

How Many Disney Blogs Are There?

Disney Blogs?

This is an interesting question, to me.  It begs a few more questions:

  • How many?
  • About what?
  • Who writes them?
  • How often?
  • Which are best?
  • Official or unofficial?
  • Free or fee?

At age 50, I’ve seen a lot, done a lot, read a lot, thought a lot, wrote a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot……

Let’s sort to the “thought a lot”.

Every human has a special gift.   And some humans have multiple gifts.

Some have realized their gift(s).  Others will eventually.  And still others may never.

I told you that, to tell you this:  In my 25 years working in Central Florida, someone once told me, “No one thinks deeper, reaches higher, works harder or cares more than Jeff Noel”.

I humbly submit to you, that if you follow this blog, you will be surprised and delighted as it evolves.  It will help you personally and professionally.  It will challenge you to think.

*******  That’s my personal guarantee to you. *******

Carpe diem and happy dreaming, jungle jeff 🙂