Do Bullet Points Make Blogs Better?

Using bullet points can help make any presentation more effective.   No secret there.

Found a link suggesting it can work for blogs, while studying LinkedIn updates.  Click here on Better Blogging with Bullet Points .

Six things I scan every morning:

  • Local weather
  • Local Headlines
  • My daily schedule
  • Disney’s Stock price
  • LinkedIn Updates
  • Blog Stats

Make it a great Sunday, because if you don’t, who will.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

It's Not Over Rated So What?

Seth Godin’s Longest Blog Post

Seth Godin’s longest blog post A-Z.

I wouldn’t put it here if I didn’t think it would help some of you.

And then there’s the notion of, “I wanted to write you a shorter letter, but I didn’t have time.”

Professionally Speaking

5 Training Tips From Bob Pike

Five training tips I learned from Bob Pike:

1. Show…not  tell

  • Big difference between show vs tell
  • Real-life experience beats theory
  • It’s not what you know
  • It’s what you do with it
  • Follow-through is key
  • Self-confidence is major motivator

2. The “eyes” have it

  • Pictures trigger recall better than words
  • Use window panes for max retention
  • Our mind thinks in pictures
  • Shortterm memory hold 7 (+/-2) bites of data

3. The 90/20/8 rule

  • We have limited attention spans
  • Breaks at 90 minutes or less
  • State change every 20 minutes
  • Participant involvement every 8 minutes

4. Tune in to “WIIFM”

  • Everyone is asking, “How will this help ME:”
  • Improve my performance
  • What are my benefits
  • What losses will I avoid

5. Work books that work

  • Need to know info
  • Nice to know info
  • How to find info

Disney is over 21

Disney Stock did something cool yesterday.   It closed at $21.01 per share.

While it’s only a penny above $21, it hasn’t closed this high for a few months.  As a Disney shareholder, it’s great news if you ask me.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff

Top 10 List?

Top Ten List?

I mentioned on my LinkedIn profile a week or so ago that I’d reveal the unacknowledged, biggest fear humans have.  And by the way, it’s simply my opinion – based on 50 years of dreaming, doing and teaching.

Still wanna know what it is?   Is the truth something we should fear?

It’s OK to be afraid.  Fear is a gift to help humans survive.   It can also paralyze us, imposing the opposite effect, and destroy our potential.

Drum roll please…………………………………..

And the number one, (and invisible), human fear of all time?

The Fear of Living!

When this was revealed to me, I discounted it.  Seriously.   I denied that I was living my life “in fear” of living.

I’ll bet a dollar that many who read this will immediately dismiss the notion.   This is exactly why I call it invisible, or unacknowledged.

That’s what I think, which actually means nothing to anyone really.   I challenge you to make up your own mind.

Here’s what I ask myself every moment of every day:  “Am I living as if I want to leave a legacy for my organization“?

The challenge at work and at home, is to figure out how to live without regret.  Not doing it, is what really scares me.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂