Mid Life Celebration Asks, What Has Been The Most Influential Book You’ve Read In The Past Three Years And Why?

Boomers, Midlife Celebration wants to know how committed you are to reading influential books, because there’s very little time to indulge in reading for self-improvement. If we read many books, we’re bound to find a few home runs. A few of jeff noel’s most impactful reads: Linchpin, Poke The Box & We Are All Weird, […]

Each Day In January, Mid Life Celebration Will Illuminate A Bravery Topic

Choose to be bold. Are you brave enough to dream impossible dreams? Long ago, I dreamt incredible childhood dreams. Three years ago, after a lifetime of excuses, I quit dreaming and start doing, founded an LLC, became a writer, and represented the USA in the Senior Olympics. How important is bravery in getting started? Crucial. […]