You’re a good person is the good news (it’s also the bad news)

The good news is you’re a good person. Wait, there’s some bad news too. The bad news is you’re a good person. Good is the enemy of great. Great gets us closer to thriving – personal vibrancy. Good gets us closer to mediocrity – personal surviving. Learn, unlearn, relearn. This is great. Watch the Blockchain […]

.think .differently

    Attraction and persuasion. Marketing and sales. Same things. .think .differently And use your gifts to overcome ineffective scripts you’ve been telling yourself for a lifetime. Yes, jeff, like always, i’m talking to you.   •  •  •  •  • This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about our HQ, click here. If you […]

Take your time but hurry up

  Forest fire smoke last year provided a view i’d never seen in 45 years of visiting. Intentionally engage with nature…enjoy, have fun, inspire, refresh, rethink, renew, reprioritize, transform, recommit…the list goes on and on. BFO – this is a fleeting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to question everything you believe in and decide what your next 10 […]