Could This Change Your Life?

If You Could Only Pick One

Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree

Hey there, this is today’s second jungle jeff post. Leaving a comment is easy, and you don’t need to log-in to do it.

If you could choose only one, which would it be? #1 Be excellent at what you do, or, #2 Be the only one at what you do?

Could This Change Your Life? What Are You Waiting For?

Guest Vlogger – Dr. Bob Parsons

Not GoDaddy Founder Bob Parsons :)
Not Go Daddy Founder Bob Parsons 🙂

Who and what inspires you to not quit? Ever consider Bob Parsons and Go Daddy?

Here is Go Daddy founder, Dr Bob Parsons, with Tip#1 – from his Vlog, Episode #35 from June 2: The One Thing Everyone Must Do To Position Themselves For Success.

There are a handful of valuable, common sense tips done in a humorous and entertaining way.  And listen as Bob says he almost abandoned Go Daddy, before it became the World’s Largest, Most Affordable, and Best Domain Name super site.

He almost quit. The successful Go Daddy founder almost quit.  He applied his own advice, his own tips, and didn’t.

Brand Loyalty Could This Change Your Life? What Are You Waiting For?

Speaking Of Taking Longer

An Apple A Day
An Apple A Day

In our lifetimes, we will see a few things that change the world. Changing the world takes a long time.

The automobile did it. Slowly.

Electricity did it. Slowly.

The telephone did it. Slowly.

Medicine did it. Slowly.

Apple is doing it. Slowly.

September 11th did it. Rapidly.

How’s your tolerance for waiting? We are an impatient society mostly. Excellence demands we be patient. But you knew that already.

A month ago, I bought an Apple iPad, and ordered the iPad Case, and never mentioned it. But yesterday morning, well, the email came, announcing that the iPad Case has shipped, finally.

It’s on a boat from China. Slowly.

Common Sense, Not Common Could This Change Your Life?

Do You Love June 1st?

Yes, This Is June 1st
Yes, This Is June 1st

Ever heard the phrase, “Everything takes longer than expected”?

It’s the primary reason you and I fail at our big plans, our big dreams.

We give up before we should.


Why do you think?

It’s because everything takes longer than we expect.

Embrace this truth and use it to motivate yourself.

I do.

June 1 was three days ago. June 1 marked the 14-month anniversary of writing five daily blogs. June 1 marked 17 months since Mid Life Celebration, LLC was incorporated. June 1 says there are still 19 months before the IRS will ask, “Is this a hobby or a business?”

Yes, I totally thought after 17 months, there would be more to show. But everything takes longer, right?  And to think that Mid Life Celebration isn’t quite at the half-way point is very exciting.

Make no small plans. It is never too late to follow your dreams, whatever they may be.

And oh yeah, one more thing, Carpe diem!

Could This Change Your Life? What Are You Waiting For?

At The End Of The Day

At Day's End It's All About Survival
At Day's End It's All About Survival

It’s all about results. And few times in history has that been more important than now. Companies fold. People loose their jobs. Prices are slashed. Worries escalate. Houses don’t sell. Government’s big plans can’t find critical momentum.

At the end of the day, businesses are focused on their numbers.

Apple announced a few day ago they’ve sold two million iPads in less than 60 days. It took them 28 days to sell the first million. Reaching milestones is one thing. Making sure advocates and potential buyers are aware is another.

And it’s not to boast. It’s to create buzz.

For instance, in May at Mid Life Celebration, LLC:

  • Nearly 300k Hits
  • 40k+ Visits
  • 150k+ Page Views
  • 2,300+ cumulative Blog Posts

And you know what’s crazy? I’m just getting warmed up. Everything takes longer than you expect. How are your plans coming along?