The Most Important Result On Any Leadership Survey Is This…

Trust is developed over time. In five years, when he's 16, there should be enough trust to turn over the keys.

The first thing I race to after receiving leadership survey results (where people rated me), is this question: How often do you trust your leader:

  • Always
  • Most of the time
  • Sometimes yes, sometimes no
  • Rarely
  • Never

It’s easy to see why the only acceptable answer is obvious.

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The Top Three Leadership Non-Negotiables, In Order Of Importance

Parents trust I'll make healthy choices, and respect me for that, as I show the boys grilled chicken, baked potato and milk are better options.

Profoundly simple. Simply profound. Top three leadership non-negotiables every employee needs to thrive:

  1. Trust me
  2. Respect me
  3. Develop me

Notice that if #1 isn’t present, the other two won’t be either.

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Emotion Trumps Everything When It Comes To Our Possessions

I've never seen resting numbers this high. Hope I never do again.

When we discover the bottom line for our attachment to things, we’ll realize emotion is the driving force behind our most treasured possessions. Do a quick inventory of your most treasured belongings. Aren’t the most treasured belongings those with the greatest risk for sorrow if lost?

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Note: this is how I like to write for others…a typical post where we assume one thing (in this case, material possessions) when in fact the photo is the obvious hint it has nothing to do with stuff.