Well, It Isn’t Really All About You, It’s Really All About A Dad’s Promise

jeff noel wants to look back with no regrets in case something bad ever happens

Mid Life Celebration began so quietly and humbly in 2009. The growth in visits, hits, page views – mind boggling. A father’s desire to leave a trail for his young son was the critical momentum needed to honor a 30-year promise to write a book about life for his kids.

Well, jeff noel has only one “kid” (11). And his trail is 4,500 posts long, or about 900 for each of Life’s Big Choices – Mind, Body, Spirit, Money and HQ. A trail long enough and balanced enough to resonate with many others.

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Would You Steal?

What if the only way to gain new customers was to take (steal) them from your competitors?

If this were so, and it probably is, why would a customer (or a reader) somewhere else want to come over to your party?

This is something I think about every single day, with 130-million blogs competing for your attention.

How do you teach employees to think like an owner, when they’ve never been?

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Do Your Kids Love To Have Fun?

Sunday’s unhurried monorail ride from Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort to Epcot had us stop at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and Disney’s Transportation and Ticket Center, where we disembarked one Disney monorail to board the Epcot Express monorail.

Like Father, like son. On the Magic Kingdom monorail platform, he was taking pictures, unbeknownst to me, of the same things I was taking pictures of.

So many things compete for our time and yet all our kids want to do is have fun with their Family.

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