The Executives were inspired with what i thought was routine

    What i thought was routine inspired the executives. i love helping C-Suite executives see the light. My gift from 30 years at Disney is the ability to illuminate cultural architecture for world-class organizational vibrancy. Think of the architecture as cultural blueprints. Senior leadership has intentionally built in everything they need for corporate wellness.   […]

A breathtaking boost to a writer’s passion and purpose

    My writing received a breathtaking boost on every level. Knowing, which includes anticipating, when to get out of your comfort zone makes you a better leader – a better writer. Not allowing my seven-plus year daily blogging streak to end, i found creative ways to blog daily. It’s in the shipping that fear […]

One-Day Community Program Sales Page Text for One-Sheeter

    Sales Page Text for One-Sheeter for One-Day Community Program:   •  •  •  •  •   Sponsor A Community Program Higher Education or the Chamber of Commerce is the primary link to your region’s business community and either one (or both) are best suited to market and handle all the logistics to host a world-class professional development session. i provide […]