Celebrate with a day of reflection

Celebrate with a day of reflection After accomplishing a robust brainstorming session two days ago, we intentionally let yesterday be a day-after reflection opportunity.  At 9.5 years old, my business is stable enough to not have to aggressively push things during the Summer.  In fact, Summer is dedicated to slowing down and thinking strategically – […]

You can observe a lot by watching

You can observe a lot be watching. Be a noticer.  Early breakfast.  Early, easy hike.  Free time, including nap.  A snacky-lunch with Cheese-its and Chex mix.  One post it note. One sheet of letter-sized paper (in room GNP stationary).  One hour start to finish. We mapped out the “generate ideas” phase of creativity for our […]


Bicycle trip on Going-to-th-Sun Road (GTTSR)? Yes, if… Extend hotel Extend rental car Move bike rental to weekend Change flight departure day Weather forecast without rain (hopefully) GTTSR road project done All of these things looked in alignment yesterday at 5pm.  We shall see today. •  •  •  •  • This website is about our WORK. To […]