Freaks unite

Those of you that know what this means, know what this means

photo of Florida lake dock with footprints
does this photo make sense to you?

This photo makes no sense if you didn’t start here, which would have led you to here, which then would have taken you here… which would have brought you directly here (the post your reading now).

But if you did start there though, this photo makes perfect sense.

And whether this makes sense or not, it all comes together for the grand finale here.


Freaks unite

Blogging as the sun comes up over the palm trees

53 year old age potential thriver

A 53-year old AgePotential thriver with a compelling future… (same as you, right?)

Had a nice chat yesterday with Lori Campbell. Her new group-breaking book, Awaken Your AgePotentialfeatures ten aging thrivers – people aged 50 – 90+.

Wisdom of the ages tells us the harder we work, the luckier we get.

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Freaks unite

Do it even if they ridicule you behind your back

back stabbing

Do it even if they ridicule you behind your back. And welcome the ridicule. It’s a sure sign you’re on to something. And find their valuable feedback as fuel to adjust, strengthen, and thrust forward.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget, follow your heart. And temper it with the reality that you have a full plate and most likely always will.

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Freaks unite

When you find out they’re talking behind your back

Bank on the fact that both cities talk about each other behind their back…

orlando and disney

When you find out they’re talking behind your back what should you do?


Insight: The truth can set you free.

Note: Two cities reference means Orlando and Disney World. Obviously a symbiotic relationship is best. You get more bees with honey than with vinegar.

This works everywhere… with your boss, children, relatives, neighbors, family, direct reports, team… even your pets.

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Freaks unite

Six things a hidden Mickey could be

What is a hidden Mickey? Hidden Mickey’s are several things.

  • artist signatures
  • distractions
  • treasures
  • legendary
  • easy to find
  • nearly impossible to find
what is a hidden Mickey
a hidden Mickey is several things…
hidden Mickey's
some hidden Mickey’s are easier to see than others

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