Disney retirement party photo montage for Mid Life Celebration

  (photo above: The first to arrive)     (photo above: jungle jeff was the very first role at Walt Disney World in 1982)     (photo above: The Napa Room had intentional significance… view of Magic Kingdom, his first work location)     (photo above: view from adjacent observation deck… Disney’s Flagship Resort and […]

Fidelity Benefits should be calling soon

  (photo: Retired on Halloween… scary as heck) As we go through life, the things that we excitedly wait for change. Fidelity Benefits should be calling any day now to announce that retirement is officially processed. It ain’t official until it’s official. Meanwhile… Day one of week two. Retirement isn’t the right word to describe […]

Selling ourselves is much more challenging than selling an idea

  (photo: Lunar Rock.. saying we can get a Lunar rock and actually holding it in your hand are two very different propositions) Selling ourselves is much more challenging than selling an idea. The idea can be described by what it’s going to do. Ourselves? Well, we can only sell what we’ve actually done. Big […]

Atypical boss and subordinate conversation

  (photo: Co-founder of Nike, Bill Bowerman was also the USA’s head track coach for 1972 Munich Olympics – he used his wife’s waffle iron to custom make running shoe soles… and make them lighter than the store bought ones) Subordinate: My job is to be the deepest thinker in the classroom. Boss: Quietly listening. […]