What’s The Payoff For The Right Question (If I Have To Explain It To You You Won’t Understand)

Okay, I can’t let the risk of offending any of you smart people stop me from saying this, the risk doesn’t matter. What matters isn’t the risk, what matters is what you stand to gain. The risk is obvious. The gain? Most haven’t spent enough time internalizing it to comprehend the epic revelation. Next Blog

It Takes More Time To Figure Out The Question Than It Does The Answer, Says jeff noel

It’s a leadership paradox that boggles the mind. We search at length for the right answer. What if we spent half that time searching for the right question? What if we spent all that time? Consider this example jeff noel explained to his son (10) last night about why dog pounds are needed: (wrong question) What kind […]

April @ jungle jeff

Hey Dad, why didn’t you ever start your business when you where younger? Good question Son. Tell you tomorrow. But first, today’s inspirational nugget: Procrastination is opportunities natural assassin. – Victor Kiam Next Blog Yesterday’s answer: The successful implementation of an idea.