From #GTEM to #GTEI

Today’s TEDx Talk will flow like this: Thesis Q. How many Books/articles? (4.7b) Q. What are they saying? Meet. meet/exceed, exceed When you exceed you create the “wow-factor” To exceed (create the wow-factor) we should: Go The Extra _____! Define Extra Mile: time/place (double lodge/20 yrs) When recovering and when planning big, but when else? […]

Madrid Keynote Speech title and description

Madrid Keynote Speech title and description: Title: Four World-Class Creativity Basics: Deconstructing Disney’s Creative Genius Description: Working at Disney from 1982-2014, Jeff Noel learned, delivered on, and taught the operational DNA for world-class business excellence. In Jeff’s Keynote you learn that organizational creativity requires parameters, not blue-sky thinking. You’ll learn how to think inside-the-box, understand […]