Most rehearsed ​speech ever

Most rehearsed speech since 1999? Tomorrow’s Leadership keynote. Why? Experimenting with doing more in less time. Same speaking client as last year, but with 60 minutes less time. To convey the same message with less will require a great level of precision. Perhaps after speaking for 20 years, i’ve finally learned how to rehearse. It sure […]

Why is it important to be reminded or enlightened?

Why is it important to be reminded or enlightened? A positive catalyst is always helpful. Sometimes a negative catalyst proves equally as effective. In prepping for a keynote yesterday, i am inspired to create questions regarding the speech’s leadership business insights. Why? To illustrate, with the audience’s words, not mine, how critical (and how simple) […]

TEDx Talk in Kuwait

TEDx Talk in Kuwait is being proposed for late April by my agent, Thinking Heads. Here are some notes for the proposal: Assumptions: 12-16 minute speech Clear, concise, and compelling idea Universal application Easy and immediate implementation Inspiring Thesis: Personal and professional vibrancy is overwhelming because our goal is incorrect and going the extra mile […]