Professionally Speaking

Crazy How Fast It Adds Up

The other day, in doing the math, an epiphany:

  • 12 years, Professional Speaker
  • Speaking 48 weeks a year
  • Averaging, conservatively, 500 people per week
  • 1248500 = 288,000

This number could actually be double, 576,000, but I’d rather err on conservative side.

Speaking at Church, roughly 1,200 people each time. Keynotes can have 3,000, more commonly though, 300-800. A workshop, maybe 40.

Crazy how it adds up. Bet it’s true for you as well, in whatever it is you do.

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Professionally Speaking

All Are Professional Speakers

Yo, you talkin’ to me?

I keep telling our son (10) they are all paid to be Professional Speakers:


  1. The Disney Jungle Cruise Skipper
  2. The Corporate Professional Speaker
  3. The Entrepreneurial Professional Speaker

Each is paid according to their contribution, relative talent, and generalized skill. The first two are also structured according to established and customary labor agreements and pay scales.

What separates the 3rd from the first two is their contribution. A purpose and mission so important, clear, concise and compelling, that their fee is exponentially more significant.

What the 3rd lacks, is the convenience of infrastructure and established credibility.

As we work through our decades before ‘retirement’, we are faced with choices on how much we want to contribute. Or have we forgotten?

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Professionally Speaking

Orlando Keynote Speaker jeff noel

Saddle up. Let’s ride…

The world stands aside to let anyone pass who knows where he is going.  – David Starr Jordan

Be you an Amusement Park spieler, a corporate trainer, or an Orlando based Keynote Speaker, your contribution (in this case as a public speaker) is rewarded proportionally to the risk, and the ownership involved.

Same in your life. The greater your risk, the more there is to gain. And lose.

This is why people (you & me) don’t risk.

March is dedicated to putting up or shutting up. You in?

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Professionally Speaking

World Class Orlando Professional Speakers

Practice, repetition, and these tips lead to excellence…

What does it take to become a world class Orlando Professional Speaker?

The same thing it takes to be world class in anything:

  • An unwavering commitment
  • A purpose bigger than yourself
  • A clear, concise and compelling vision
  • The willingness to take risks the others won’t
  • Fall down 7, get up 8

The more you practice, the better you become. Twelve years of professional speaking has equipped me with world class platform skills. The content, well, 3500+ jeff noel blog posts sort of speaks for itself.

Got passion?

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Professionally Speaking

Wednesday Quotes, 4/5

He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality. – Anwar al-Sadat

Personal leadership change (transformation), changes reality. Nothing else.

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