Can You Walk & Talk?

Can you walk and talk? Silly, isn’t it? Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? It’s a tough economic time, a troubled time, an uncertain time. Perhaps the most difficult time of our entire life. This begs the real question because, personally, it seems excruciatingly rare. Can you walk the talk?

Abby Sunderland, What’s Impossible?

Sailing around the world, solo, is a daring adventure. To do it as a sixteen female is a whole other level of impossible. Well, it’s been done before. And it was in the process of being done again, until yesterday. Abby Sunderland, 16, and her boat, Wild Eyes, have a story to tell – and […]

Guest Vlogger – Dr. Bob Parsons

Who and what inspires you to not quit? Ever consider Bob Parsons and Go Daddy? Here is Go Daddy founder, Dr Bob Parsons, with Tip#1 – from his Vlog, Episode #35 from June 2: The One Thing Everyone Must Do To Position Themselves For Success. There are a handful of valuable, common sense tips done […]