AMA Message Last Night

Disney World Logo
Lunch yesterday, November 19 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.


Disney Pixar Coco Ad
Disney Pixar Coco Ad at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.


Disney Pixar Coco Ad
Closeup. Ps. We have tickets to see Coco on Thanksgiving Day (lower right corner).


Disney Pixar Coco Ad
Another closeup.


Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.
Real life closeup.


Disney World K-9 Unit vehicle
Parked next to us.


Disney World Construction cranes
Disney World Construction cranes from our parking space at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.


American Music Awards last night on ABC.




i was born for this.

Born for this.


It’s different for each of us.

And it’s glorious.


You were born for it.

Born for it.

Are you ignoring it?

Ignoring it?


Your purpose in life.

Do you know it?

Are you living it?

•  •  •  •  •

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