Disney Brand Loyalty summary

Disney Brand Loyalty summary:


Brand Loyalty:

Brand reputation drives long term profit more than everything else combined. Your reputation is your brand, and it’s the first thing your customer thinks of when they hear or see your name. How will they think of you?

Program Overview:

Your Promise | Delivering Your Promise | Connecting Emotionally


Has a friend ever broken a promise with you? How did it feel? Bad, right? Think about this from a brand perspective. What if a brand you trusted broke a promise, how would you feel? Just as lousy and you’d most likely tell your friends, family, and colleagues about your terrible experience. Now, what if this brand belonged to you? It’s scary to think about your brand in an unfavorable way. But brand love and loyalty is easy, and it starts with a promise that you deliver, every time, no exceptions. And when you deliver on your promise, you build a great reputation. When you build a great reputation, you build trust. Promise, reputation, and trust all feed into emotion, and when you build a powerful emotional connection with your customer, they remain loyal to your brand. And, they definitely return and definitely recommend.




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