Disney’s Four key drivers for exceeding Guest expectations

Drury Inn business center
Drury Inn lobby business center. Plus time to spare.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Ample time to do stuff i would never have time to do…google “disney keynote speaker”.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Well, look at that.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Disney Keynote Speakers


Disney Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Disney Institute Keynote Speakers – videos tab. You won’t find me. Period.


Disney Keynote Speaker jeff noel
But on “Disney Institute Speakers” images pages, my photos totally dominate. How and why? No clue.


Disney Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Another page dominated by my photos. Still a mystery.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Disney Institute Keynote Speakers – on Google’s front page, but not the first one. After the ads, i’m second. Not bad.


No matter who you are, where you work, or what you do, customers worldwide have the same expectations:

  1. Make me feel special – go the extra inch for me to exceed my expectations in surprising and delightful ways
  2. Give me individualized attention – treat every Customer like a VIP – a Very Individual Person
  3. Respect me and my Family – use common courtesy (which isn’t too common), demonstrate respect, fuss over children
  4. Be knowledgeable about your products and services – have all the answers to my questions and if you don’t know, find out or direct me where to get it

There are far too many things we can focus on.

Without understanding the top, key drivers for Customer excellence, every effort is being directed at the wrong target.

Can you fathom?

This is exactly why organizational vibrancy eludes all but the most intentionally-architected customer-centric cultures.


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