Emotional connections fuel loyalty

hierarchy of 2018 needs
Truth. Yesterday on Twitter.


More truth. Yesterday at the gym.


Turtle crossing road
From this far away the turtle saw me and tucked in.


Florida Gopher tortoise
While she came out a little, she was never convinced i wasn’t there to do harm. i sat in the middle of the road for a few minutes and talked to her. It wasn’t enough.


Emotional connections fuel loyalty.

To create an emotional connection, something positive and unexpected has to happen.

Even the smallest positive gestures, if unexpected, are powerful.

If the positive thing was expected, it protects against delivering a negative experience, but, it doesn’t surprise and delight.

Magic happens when we are delightfully surprised.

However, meeting expectations, while decent, never moves our needle to raving fan.

When Ben at Thinking Heads emailed that he finally received the video clip, he added, “It’s excellent.”

He’s seen a few speaker videos in his two-decade career in the business.

To which i thought to myself, “Wow.”


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