From Sept 28, 2011 (7 corporate wellness objectives)

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Who’s listening? Who cares? Do you get the results you hoped for? (photo: yesterday from an Apple email advertisement)


Mid Life Celebration’s short and pithy posts are at risk every time a list is created, like this one with 7 obvious critical goals corporate wellness initiatives strive to achieve:

  1. Cost reduction
  2. Error reduction
  3. Turnover reduction
  4. Productivity improvements
  5. Increasing engagement
  6. Increase satisfaction
  7. Brand enhancement

Common sense intuition tells us a healthy worker is more valuable to an organization.


Yet rarely, in today’s economy, do we make common sense common practice.

Are you happy with your current state of personal wellness?

How long has it been since you were happy with your personal wellness?

The healthier i am, the more effective and efficient is the work i produce.

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