How daily habits erode

inspirational quote about not quitting
Greeting card. Profoundly simple, simply profound message. Simplicity is the only way to thrive. Don’t believe me? Eventually you will. But you may be trapped in a lifetime of bad habits and unwilling (or unable) to change.

Daily habits are destroyed the same way they are developed.

One day at a time.

As we pass from one stage of life to another – say from being single to being married – responsibilities and expectations increase.

This added volume forces us to change.

Generally, we do not like change. Change taps into distant primal thoughts and we worry about our status quo.

Unless we are enticed by the pleasurable gain of money, status, sex, honor, drugs.

Learn to manage the paperwork of life – the proverbial, never-ending in-box of life.

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By jeff noel

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