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Walt Disney picking up trash
There’s a difference between the Olympian and the one who studies deceased Olympians and interviews current and former Olympians. PS. i’ve always capitalized Magic. Always.



i’m fascinated by what the general public accepts as legitimate, and the blurry lines between two similar looking things that are actually polar opposites.

Serendipitously, Bob Iger talks about Disney’s future.

Shared the above Facebook update yesterday, not realizing it was from Lou Mongelo.

i friend texted me asking if i know Lou – that’s when i doubled checked the source.

Thought it was written by a former Disney colleague.

This got me thinking.

Lou has carved out raving fans with his WDW Radio enterprise. Incredibly entrepreneurial and successful from a popularity metric.

He’s also venturing into the business side of Disney.

Here’s my aha, which is challenging to explain why it’s weird for me to hear non-experts stake a claim as an expert.

For 30 years, i picked up every speck of trash i passed as i covered thousands of miles across Disney property.

And in Disney retirement, the first couple times visiting the Parks, i was torn.

Do i continue to pick up trash?

i mean, as a Cast Member, there’s no way i could ever justify not picking up trash.

(Note: The exceptions are when you’re in the middle of an urgent Safety or critical Guest Courtesy situation.)

Has an expert, like Lou, spent a lifetime – 30 years – learning it, doing it, and teaching it to other Cast Members?

Do you know how challenging it is to get humans to pick up trash? Humans are never taught, ever, to pick up every speck of trash. We are taught the opposite – don’t litter.

So how do you create, and maintain, an “everyone at Disney picks up trash” cultural phenomenon?

There are only two things – i know them, and i’ve never heard anyone else frame it up the same way.

Only a lifetime insider-expert who has been trained and entrusted to teach “outsiders” how it works can share it with a “been-there-done-that certainty”.

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