If you are not in a position to do the same, you’re stuck

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This is what writer’s flood looks like.


The following message is a copy and paste of an email exchange yesterday with someone seeking my time and advice. The famous Company is asking for a very detailed six-month proposal to elevate their company to world-class status without peer.

Here’s the email i wrote…

Ok, couple things…and all of this is my personal opinion from a lifetime at Disney and nearly a decade as a business owner.

Yes, we’ll figure out a call for Tomorrow or Tues …before 9am will be best…tomorrow 830am-9am? Time may need flex a little on either side.

Rereading your first msg, they’re asking you for a consulting proposal – for free!

Be careful…..Not a fan of this. And i’d probably only do it verbally, or if in writing, very high level, intentionally leaving out all the how-to’s.

That said, they are in a position to walk away from you because of who they are.

As an entrepreneur, i do not operate under any textbook theory – none.

Everything is negotiable.

Additionally, you will NEVER have enough leadership authority if you’re not willing and able to walk away.

If they want you, they’ll figure out how to get and retain you.

To go any further with this, we should talk. Words on a screen are tricky without tone, and banter.

Be amazed and be amazing.

PS. What do you want in your next 10 years? Does this position help you or does it protect you from something bigger that might not work?

During our call, i suggested the applicant ask the famous company, “What have you tried so far and why hasn’t it worked?”


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