In Fall 1981, two Disney College Program recruiters visited campus

Bear Grass
Bear Grass.


In Fall 1981, two Disney College Program recruiters visited West Chester State College (now West Chester University) to interview students for seasonal Cast Member roles for Winter/Spring 1982.

Guess who was one of those students.

As the interview concluded, i invited Judy and Gail to our Sig Ep MASH party that night.

You could dress up as a nurse, an officer, a soldier (say, Klinger), a patient, a local.

Two months later an acceptance letter arrived in a West Chester, Pennsylvania student mailbox.

Rather than pick classes for Spring Semester, i booked a one-way flight to Orlando.

With an Army veteran’s duffle bag and a decent (framed) backback, i found my way to Snow White Campground in Kissimmee, Florida – it was at the end of Seven Dwarfs Lane, behind the KOA.

Karma and serendipity rescued me.

i had no idea where the campground was, nor was i prepared to do anything but ask questions and bum a ride (hitch-hike).

Fortunately, the couple i sat with on the plane were intrigued and helpful enough to offer me a ride.

Once i got my key, found the cabin (with full kitchen), the next priority was a case of cold beer.


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