My Disney speeches cover things in a way you’ve never been taught in school

Winter Garden Theater
Yesterday at 4:30pm. Waiting for our Son’s shift to finish.


This is where i sat on the curb while waiting. Time passed before i noticed. All i could think of is what possesses someone to think it’s ok to leave these here?


My Disney speeches cover things in a way you’ve never been taught in school or at work.

Disney Customer Service, for example, has a harsh reality, an astonishing paradox, and just three world-class building blocks.

This is different from anything you’ve ever heard of, been exposed to, or ever considered a possibility.

What then?



So what?

Imagine one year from now what your personal delivery of Customer Service could look like.

What habits would need to be stopped, started, or improved?

Can you envision being significantly better at customer service while actually reducing your efforts to make people happy?

Note: This is a classic, real-life example of working smarter, not harder.

Now that you’ve heard my Disney Customer Service keynote, what will you begin to do (or stop doing) within the next 72 hours?

What promise will you make to yourself?

You still dream big and make noble promises, right?



For a minute there i was worried.


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