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Two Dog Flats restaurant
We joked in 2014 about returning to Glacier to have lunch here again.


Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.  – Vala Afshar


Summarized understanding of challenges and opportunities from our Summer talks:

  • It’s clear the frontline has great communication with direct leader but there is  poor communication perception with senior leadership
  • Owning the message is an opportunity – if a decision doesn’t make sense, then it’s okay to push back
  • Lack of trust for absence of being transparent – it’s easier to play it safe
  • Stop being short-sighted from a cost perspective
  • People stop asking because the answer will be no
  • Not looking at everything through the patient’s eyes
  • In Town Hall we got the eye roll,” Here we go again” on patient experience
  • How do we work together when we used to compete
  • Recent significant leadership reorg – one property not prepared, the other it was better
  • The Whole Care Experience is AHS’s drive for consistency with history, mission, vision, standards
  • Some Ad Council leaders were promoted and others were demoted (title only)

The above create a significant opportunity to rally around The Whole Care Experience in an inspiring, motivating, and exciting way.


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