Seeing what no one else sees and seeing more of it

Nassau, Bahamas port
There are countless distractions in a Cruise ship port, all of them intended to get you to impulse buy.


Bicycle at Nassau port
Walking past a bicycle like thousands do every day.


Bicycle at Nassau port
Walking past what everyone walks past but seeing something no one else sees.


Bicycle at Nassau port
And not only seeing what no one else sees, but seeing more of it than no one else sees.


Yesterday when we hid Janice’s birthday cake in the Senior Living Facility communal kitchen and my first thought was, “Look at all this table space. This would be a perfect place to lay out all seven story boards and get started.”

Disney really honed my thinking. i wasn’t thinking about the storyboards, but in seeing the large table space, i immediately remembered the opportunity and possibility.

Can’t turn it off.

It’s a blessing and a curse.




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