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Michael Eisner and the late Frank Wells actually initially described their ambitious plans for the “Disney Decade” as a dream.

In the introduction to the Walt Disney Company’s 1990 employee annual report (which — appropriately enough — was entitled “Building a Dream Together”), Eisner and Wells said that they’d …

“… been doing a lot of dreaming lately. And we’ve given the dream a name. It’s called the ‘Disney Decade.’

The Disney Decade is about a dream, and it’s about us. The plans are incredibly exciting and will touch every aspect of this Company … New hotels, new attractions and a new theme park at Walt Disney World. The biggest expansion of Disneyland in its history.

Some might think that we’re overly ambitious. We don’t think so … We’re confident about achieving the mission we’ve set for the next ten years. After all, people the world over expect Disney to dream, and dream big.

If the Disney dream, in its sheer size and scope, takes your breath away, we want you to know it does the same for us. But we’re certain that there are still plenty more dreams to go around. Just wait until … ten years from now … when we’ll be talking about Mickey’s Millennium!”

Hat tip to Jim Hill Media’s 2005 article for a detailed look back.


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