There are five powerful lessons in business from Disney

Disney Customer Service Speakers
Driving through town yesterday on an errand – stopped in traffic.


Disney Customer Service Speakers
My town’s Chamber of Commerce logo.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Love the flag.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Hometowns essentials are our Kingdoms, no?


Disney Customer Service Speakers
As CEO of You, Inc, Creating Magic is your responsibility.


Word for word from a Canadian University website…

There are five powerful lessons in business, lessons carefully developed by the Disney organization in its never-ending pursuit of excellence. These universal pillars of a successful business—leadership, culture, service, brand and innovation—are the keys to sustained business excellence. Together, these lessons forge an enduring bond between inspired leaders, motivated employees, satisfied customers, and an ability to drive stakeholder value.

Throughout this course, you will discover insights that drive Disney parks and resorts organization and gain awareness of how these insights could be adapted to strengthen your own organizational efforts.



Did you know: i spent the last 15 years of a 30-year Disney career teaching and advising at Disney Institute? Traveled the globe preaching the “Good News” of Walt Disney.

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