What Disney taught me about balance

What Disney taught me about balance…

Disney engrained in me the five keys to world-class organizational vibrancy.

  1. Leadership Excellence
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Customer Service
  4. Brand Loyalty
  5. Creativity and Innovation

It’s simple:

Leaders set the internal employee service culture, if employees are happy they stay and if they stay they good at what they do.

Employees who are happy and good at what they do create good external service quality which generates customer satisfaction.

Customer  satisfaction is dangerous though because it does’t lead to customer loyalty.

The perception of superior value leads to customer loyalty. Doing more than the customer expects (at every touchpoint with your human resources, physical resources, and processes) creates the consistent perception of superior value.

Customer loyalty leads to revenue growth and profit, which leads to stakeholder value.

Stakeholder value (including non-profits) is the reason businesses are in business.

Profoundly simple.

Ridiculously elusive in spite of the baked in common sense.




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