How do you become the guy sitting in the back corner?

Disney keynote speaker
Preparing for a presentation from the pool, last night.


How do you become the guy sitting in the back corner reading a book?

Picture a room full of 300 people sitting impatiently for what is about to happen. By the way all 300 of them do what you do for a living.

Now imagine a buyer (potential client) up on the stage at the front of the ballroom.

The client says to the audience, who are sitting down at this point, “Who amongst you is the one person i should hire?”

Now what you observe is 300 desperate professionals all on their feet, jumping up and down, hand waving wildly and shouting, “Pick me, pick me, pick me!”

But you have remained seated, head down, quietly reading a book.

Who will intrigue the client, since she can see it all from her vantage point up on the stage?

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